Monday, March 3, 2014


A new month is upon us and we are welcoming March with open arms, begging for the nice weather to stay with us as we prepare our souls for spring.

At A Place to Land, March is about MAKING.
Making beautiful things come into being, so they can be used, shared, and loved.

As artists, we have a serious job to do.
Our job is to create.

Erwin McManus puts it this way in his latest book, The Artisan Soul...

"To create is to human."
"To create is to fulfill our divine intention.
"To create is to reflect the image of God"
"To create is an act of worship."

"So, who is an artist? Anyone who has a soul."

Hey, that means you friend. If you have a soul, you are an artist.

Join us in March, will you?
Make March a month of Making.

Make it, Bake it, Shake it, Paint it, Write it, Glue it. Frame it.

Then, keep it.

Yep, we want you to keep everything you make.
Find a space in a room, or your garage and hold onto all you Make.

Why, you may be wondering?
Because April is all about SHARING!
(More info coming soon about our month of sharing).

Everything we make is a direct representation of what is inside our souls.
And our souls need to be shared with one another.

We will be doing lots of fun giveaways at each of our studio events, for adults and kids!

We wish each of you a creative-filled, idea-packed March!

Time for Takeoff...
Here we go.

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