Friday, January 10, 2014

What's next...

"I really like this class because it is inspiring and I never know what's going to happen next."

She spoke these words from the heart and when she did I knew she meant every word.
She spoke such a simple truth, that is not only true about art, but true of life.
As much as we plan, and schedule, and organize, the truth is we really don't know what is going to happen from one moment to the next.

I go between loving and fearing the unexpected.
My sweet creative student renewed my love of the unexpected yesterday when she spoke those simple true words.

Artists need unclenched fists, open hearts, and eyes that are willing to look at things a bit differently.
I think that's why some of my favorite artists are kids. 

As artists, God wants us to speak life and truth into each other's lives. 
He wants creativity to be spread contagiously.
He wants us to be okay with what He has prepared for us, moment to moment.

Praying your mysteriously inspired today.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What is stirring you?

Paint in a can must first be stirred in order for it to be applied smoothly to a wall. If not mixed, it will dry in tones and look splotchy because it tends to separate into layers when it has been sitting around for too long.

As artists
As Christians
As humans...

We NEED to be stirred.
We were made to create.

And in order to create we must first be stirred.

What's stirring you up these days?

Do you have a dream you've been dreaming?
A goal that needs accomplished?
A canvas that needs painting?

Pay attention to your inner stirrings today.
Look at your layers you've built inside.
Peel back parts of you that have been sitting around for far too long.

Open your can of paint today.
Stir it up.
Be moved.
And see what happens.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014. Preparing for Takeoff!

We landed.
2013 was such an amazing, creative, super fun adventure.
And we anticipate our next flight around the sun in 2014.

Our studio has gone through many changes this past year and we are truly blessed and extremely thankful to everyone who has supported us and stepped through our doors!

We plan to make this year even more extraordinary and we want YOU to be apart of it!

We believe that everyone needs a place to land. A place to dream and celebrate, and create. God has given us all creative gifts and we want our studio to be a space that will inspire and nurture those gifts. We strive to make our business, God's business. He is the great creator and we believe the words in Ephesians 2:10- that tells us that we are God's masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus for good works. Therefore, we try to put a piece of the master in our work at A Place to Land. We hope that Christ will be manifested in all that we say and do and create. We don't want to be the greatest, the smartest, the coolest, or the richest. We want to be the bravest and the strongest, the wisest and the most faithful. We want our business to shine so bright and so boldly that our studio will naturally reflect the beauty of love of Christ.

We stand in awe of our creator.
And we pray He will continue to bless us.

Many of you know that this past summer, Mandy DeMeio joined the studio and together we are working to create inspiring studio nights and private parties for you. Mandy has brought so much life, love, organization, and creativity into our space. Together, as owners, we want to make sure 2014 offers you space to be inspired. We want your most creative self to SHINE.

This year we are also partnering with two local artists who want to share their gifts and talents with you. Stacey Lloyd Vincent of 4 the Love of Cards will be teaching card-making classes. And Deni Schutlz-Patrignelli of Denimnotes Beads and Boutiqe will be teaching creative jewelry classes. Both of these ladies have fantastic ideas and inspiring work. Show some local love and come out and support these ladies! Their classes and contact information can be found on our website.

We have also added two certified teachers to our line-up as the need for tutoring and test preparation has grown. Tessley Moss and Susan Gallegher are currently looking for 6-8 students to work with once per week in Reading and Math. They will create individualized academic plans for each student and work closely with parents to ensure academic success. We will also be adding EOG Prep Boot Camp to our line up in the Spring. Daniel Noles is our certified math teacher and he is currently looking for 1-2 more math students to join his sessions on Tuesday's at the studio. 

Many great things are in store for this year.
If you need a place to party, a place to create, a place to learn, a place to rent, a place to read, or a place where you can step away from life for a bit and breathe-- A place to land is a place for YOU!

So fasten your safety belts and  prepare for take-off.
A Place to Land is on the runway and ready for departure.
Here we go.
Join us!